Shadow Stalkers Airsoft

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 Play Hard - Don't hold back, give your all!

Play Safe - Use recognised products at recognised sites

Play Fair - The game does not work without honesty, integrity and teamwork

2014 Deployment to Copehill Down Village, Operation 'Shining Light'. 

Once in a while, we do a recruitment camp.
A day and night at our Gotham Training centre, then the following day travelling to Skirmish Mansfield to put the potential recruits through their paces.

Jase Price
Shadow Stalkers Airsoft

We are a UK Airsoft team based in the English Midlands and Scotland. Many members are former military, current military, cadets or members of the emergency services. 
The combined result is a very successful, experienced team with knowledge of everything from military tactics adapted for an Airsoft playing style to how to fix the latest weapons, kit and equipment.

While we make sure all our members perform on the skirmish field to a high standard by running regular training days, we like to remember that it is a sport that needs to be enjoyed and we believe that having a good time is paramount.

Now that you have an idea of who we are, do you think you've got what it takes to join our ranks? Head to the Contact us section and let us know more about you.

- - - Spring is here, time for the gas to work!- - -

Game Dates:  

The Block - 13/03/2015

MAW - 22/03/2015

Gangsta Weekend- 27/03/2015

The Plantation - 12/04/2015