Airsoft as a sport, evolves around the delivery of the bb onto the target.

This is achieved by a variety of weapon systems, the majority being Replica Imitation Firearms (RIF's).

This can be WWI, WWII, Vietnam, Modern or futuristic.

The majority RIF's used by Shadow Stalkers are of the modern variety, though a few unusual ones do surface from time to time! 

The majority of the RIF's are AEG's, which means their power source is via a battery, usually stored within the weapon.

Some, however, especially the pistols, are GBB, powered via pressurised gas, usually in the magazine. Grenade launchers also use this system.

When the battery runs out, there is finally the simple manually operated spring weapons. Virtually all of these found in Shadow Stalkers ranks are either shotguns or sniper (marksman) rifles.