Committee Members

 Name: Jason Price

Occupation: Science Teacher

Callsign: Zero Alpha

Roles: Chairman, IC Shadow Section

Preferred Weaponry: M4 Colt Commando, SPR, M249

Experience: 11 years British Army, 6 years RAF Reserves. Originally imported airsoft guns pre-UKARA, been solid player for the last 4 years.

Favourite site: Was BRITAC CQB centre, shame its been demolished now.

Local Sites: MAW, Skirmish Mansfield.

 Name: Colin Maddams

Occupation: Paramedic

Callsign: Zero Echo

Roles: IC Stalker Section

Preferred Weaponry: M4 KWA CQB, AKSU-74

Experience: 17 years British Army, 4 years RAF Reserves. Been a solid player for the last 4 years, since introduced to it by Jason Price.

Favourite site: MAW, and got to love Cope Hill Down!

 Name:Dave Miller

Occupation: RR Engineer Graduate

Callsign: Zero Delta

Roles: Quartermaster Tech

Preferred Weaponry: Dytac AR-15

Experience: 3 years OTC , been a player for 2 years

Favourite site: Skirmish Mansfield

Local Sites: MAW, Skirmish Mansfield.

 Name:Gav Turner

Occupation: Marine Biologist

Callsign: Zero Charlie

Roles: Deputy Chairman (Northern), IC Hellhound Section

Preferred Weaponry: Magpul Masada

Experience: Been a player for 3 years

Favourite site: LWA/Cope Hill

Local Sites: Airsoft Edinburgh

 Name:Matt Wilkinson

Occupation: Runs a Stage Company

Callsign: Two Zero Bravo

Roles: Treasurer

Preferred Weaponry: KWA M4 CQB

Experience: Been a player for 2 years

Favourite site: MAW

Local Sites: MAW

 Name:  Ant

Occupation: Engineer


Roles: Team Equipment specialist

Preferred Weaponry: G3 DMR

Experience: Ex - RAF Specialist

Favourite site: Armourgedden

 Name: Arron Stafford

Occupation: Aeronautical Engineer


Roles: Media Officer

Preferred Weaponry: STC DMR

Experience: Original Shadow Stalker, rejoining the team over 2 years ago.

Favourite site: Copehill Common

Local Sites: MAW

 Name: Josh Springthorpe

Occupation: Physio/OT

Roles: Clothing co-ordinator/ Member Representative

Preferred Weaponry: M4, Masada

Experience:  Been a player for 4 years.

Favourite site: Cope Hill

Local Sites: MAW, Skirmish Mansfield

 Name:Garry McColl

Occupation: Insurance Agent

Roles: Scottish Member Representative

Preferred Weaponry: M4

Experience: 3 years playing airsoft

Favourite site: AEG & Cope Hill

Local Sites: Airsoft Elite Glasgow, Airsoft Edinburgh