CQB Weapons

When an assault weapon becomes a Close Quarter weapon is a grey area, especially in airsoft, because they can have similar range.

However, a short barrelled AEG, pistols and shotguns are primarily classed as CQB.

One of the favourites is the HK MP-5 range, with its compatibility across manufacturers and ease of servicing. Even the magazines are fairly cheap across the range.

Most team members carry pistols as a secondary, and they are perfect for fighting in buildings where tight corners can be 'popped' around. Most are GBB gas operated, but these are unreliable in cold conditions, so we are seeing an influx of AEP battery operated ones, and GBB converted to CO2 cartridges.

Shotguns, unfortunately usually sit back in the safe zone as a back-up weapon, however in buildings with their multiple shot, they come into their own. You just need good biceps to cock them!  

Above: Dave Miller holds off an advance with a SPAS-12 shotgun.

Below: Anthony using the MP-5A4. An excellent CQB weapon that can be used just as effectively in a woodland environment.

Above: Emily with the extremely short MP5K, which is perfect for CQB environments.

Above: Lee Hall on a 'zombie' shoot, belted up for his SPAS-12. 

Below: Assault weapon or CQB weapon? Its a grey area.