Close Quarter Battle

Above: Cope Hill Down.

Left: Col Maddams and Shep approach an enemy held door way.

Right: SSAS members being caught in a crossfire between buildings. 

Close Quarter Battle (CQB), Fighting In a Built Up Area (FIBUA), boils down to you are fighting in someones house (FISH!).

Unlike woodland, CQB is very unforgiving when you make a mistake, so Shadow Stalkers conducts training packages before we deploy for weekends in built up areas.

It is however, high energy, high adrenalin packed fun, and a great way of keeping fit. The average weight loss for a weekend is 8 lbs! It is also heavy on pyrotechnics, and a great way to meet other teams from Europe.

Left: Matt Phelps covers a window during an  assault.

Right: Dan Sneath actually leading that assault!

Both Shotguns and     MP-5's are useful  in CQB. 

Above: Shadow Stalkers CQB loadout is Coyote tan trousers with SSAS Polo/Hoodie, usually with tan rigs.

We also highly recommend full face protection due to the close proximity to opposing forces in these scenarios.