The Team on the road!

Shadow Stalkers is spread out across the UK, so we take every opportunity to bring as many members together over weekend events.

The logistics for this can be daunting, and takes months of planning, but the end product is always worth it, cementing the ethos of the team.

One of the biggest annual events is the BRITAC weekend at Cope Hill Down. Shadow Stalkers has attended this event for the last three years, in ever increasing numbers.


 Right: A joint training session between Shadow Stalkers and Bristol Recon at 'The Block' CQB Airsoft Site. This type of cooperation hones the skills of both teams.

Spreading the Word!

Even when we are spread across the UK's sites, we still enforce the idea of keeping the teams name at the forefront of 'fair play'.

It is totally feasible to have members at five different sites on the same day, and this is how the reputation of Shadow Stalkers is spread.

We have built up good working relationship with airsoft sites and other airsoft teams, which leads to sharing skills, ideas and even exchange visits.  

In the long run, it will all aid in improving relationships and training techniques across the team, especially when blended with current worldwide military tactics.