Ballistic Protection

 Why is eye wear in Weaponry you wonder, well before you pick up any weapon you must be wearing ballistic protected eye wear. The one part of your body if hit that cannot heal is your eyes, so if entering the sport your first purchase must be eye protection that is up to the job. 

First of all you need to choose between mesh or glass. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, mesh doesn't fog up, but glass gives a clearer picture and you have the potential possibility of getting paint flecks in your eyes from the mesh variety. In reality most airsofters carry both types to cater for all conditions.

With Glass the first thing to check is its EN 166 approved for ballistic protection. A lot of the safety glasses that come with Chinese airsoft packages are pure and simple, dangerous. 

You have the choice of shooting glasses or sealed goggles. From experience if the glasses are a snug fit they are fine, but be aware there is a minute chance of a BB deflecting in on the edges. If you look in our News Blog, it can happen!

The goggles are the best for safety reason, but they can be the worst for fogging up, its finding the right balance.

 Above: Mesh offer all weather protection, however their is always the risk of paint flecks getting through the mesh.

Above: Brenn sports a face mask -  glasses combination.

Right: Prentice wears a complete head mask with integral mesh eye pieces

 In combination with whatever eye wear you choose, for close quarter battles, a face mask will save you from facial wounds and loss of teeth!

The main worry here is the close fitting of the mask mustn't leave any gaps between it and the eye wear, however sealed goggles negates this problem.

The other option is wear a full face mask with integrated eye wear, however this leaves you with little flexibility.

With so many options available, it is best to get to a shop like 'JD Airsoft' and trial the extensive range.