Hire Weapons

At Shadow Stalkers, we recognise the expense of getting into the hobby, so we try to support new or potential members in a variety of ways.

The purchase of a RIF is probably the biggest expense for a new player, so Shadow Stalkers works closely with 'STS' to supply hire guns.

At the present moment, the hire guns consist of solid stock MP-5's and G-36 assault rifles, which gives a user a full day battery with a weapon that holds its own in both CQB and in woodland.

They are maintained through 'STS', and have been chosen for the reliability of the specific models.

What we have also done, is to make them individual, so you do not stand out on the airsoft field, as a 'Hire Gunner'.

The price per day (not including the walk-on fee) for one of the hire guns is £20.00. This includes a facemask and a hi-cap magazine. If you want to experience how the team usually runs (with mid-caps), we can provide a £25.00 a day package that includes 5 mid-caps (or low caps if the desire to try out mil-sim is there!)