Shadow Stalkers

The majority of new recruits to Shadow Stalkers are friends and family of existing members. We have come to recognise that those under 18 can find the adult training program a little overwhelming at times, so the Junior Mentoring program has been launched.

It is run by Will Price, with the input from the Shadow Stalkers Training Officer, Dan Shepherd, and is carried out mainly at our private training grounds near Nottingham.

Will (seen above), has been an active member of Shadow Stalkers for over four years, yet is still only 18, which allows new junior probationers to talk to him on a level they understand, whereas some find the adult training staff a little overbearing!  

Right: Training Officer Dan Shepherd instructs during an Urban 6 game at 'The Block'.

Left: Jamal and Arron use the heavy undergrowth to their advantage, on a military skills course at our training ground near Nottingham.