One of the teams aims is to promote airsoft within the community, and a great way of doing this is to use the press. 

Shadow Stalkers has a dedicated Media Team, headed by Arron Stafford, with important input from Daniel Shepherd (current a serving Royal). The Media Team works in conjunction with this websites co-editors, Alex Booth and Jason Price. 

You may notice a number of photo's have 'SAS Photography' printed on them. This is Sean Strange's (a SSAS member) photography company, which means we get a constant flow of professional grade images.

Arron Stafford and his team try to film most events, so if you visit Arrons youtube channel (see right), you can get a good feel about the team.

Above: Airsoft Action followed our CQB Training day at The Block in Burton

Above: Airsoft International did a spread on the team

Above: AI (Left) and AA (Right) both ran stories about Alex Booths Eye Injury.