Being part of the Team

Shadow Stalkers is a Membership only Team, with new members conducting a probationary period of up to six months (including three 'observed' shoots) to ensure the membership is the correct decision.

If you are wondering if membership is right for you, take your pick:

1) UKAPU within the membership fee.
2) Access to Training packages run by ex/currently serving members of HM Forces.
3) Heavily Discounted ammo due to club bulk buying (saving on three bottles of bb's pays for your membership fee).
4) Be a part of one of the most recognised airsoft teams within the UK.
5) Access to our training grounds in Nottingham.
6) SSAS Photo Membership card which acts as defence at certain Airsoft wholesalers.
7) In house Engineering advice and discounted serving/repairs.
8) Team organised trips to other parts of the UK.
9) International partnership scheme, allowing trips to other EU countries. 
10) Be the best!

 UKAPU's benefits are not only discounted rates across the country, but more importantly your legal cover concerning anything to do with airsoft, from impounded weapon imports, to site specific issues.

They are the only organisation found in the Airsoft 'family' that will fight your corner, all the way up to the High Court!

 Team Identity:

It is important for the team to be easily recognisable when deploying, and being the only team to wear Italian temperate Vegetato camouflage, it has become our UK 'signature'.

When deploying in Urban/Desert terrain, we use a simple Coyote Tan load-out, with our logo emblazoned tops, again for unit identity and simple recognition.

This means at the end of the six month probation period, we expect fully fledged members to be kitted out with a Vegetato BDU set, Coyote Tan trousers and a SSAS logo'd top.

We also require above ankle protected boots (Civilian or Military pattern), and EN166 approved eyewear.

We recommend a decent pair of gloves (it comes keen on the knuckles!), and a load carrying system, but these are not compulsory.