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The Stan returns!

November 30, 2014
The Stan returns!

David Miller:

Well, its run by skirmish, so you know the quality of marshaling! They made no apologies for the wip state of the site, barricades are incomplete and only a third of the site is open at the moment - probably a slightly smaller area than the whole of the block.

The teams were equal in size, but not in testicular fortitude - ie, we won every game. Morning games got caught up in three stairwells, with tempers getting a bit heated at times. Hit taking was generally excellent (more on that in a minute).

In the afternoon the rule was introduced that there was to be no fighting within 15 metres of a stairwell - this sped the game up (somewhat artificially, but it made it fun again which is what it's all about) - and meant we had to fight hard for things again.

This is a seriously fun site. It's brutal though. I shot a girl in the neck from six inches, then ten minutes later shot her in the face on another stairwell at less than a metre range. Both times I killed her mates too.

One time I popped a corner, told a guy to surrender and four of his mates shot me. Another time, I got three to the temple from 3ft away because a smoke grenade had been set off in - yes, you guessed it - a stairwell.

The only issue I had as far as hit taking went occurred (funnily enough) in a stairwell, and involved me slowly putting five rounds into a guys shoulder at arms length, before tapping him on the arm. He took the next shot as he was looking directly at me when I fired 


Fife Wargames

November 30, 2014

Site: Fife Wargames, Crail, Fife, Scotland

Date: 23rd Nov 2014

Players: Gavin Turner and Garry McColl

Green Fee: £20 walk-on, hire available

Review: Having recently made the move across Scotland back to my home county of Fife I was keen to try out this site I have been aware of for some time. Located in the East Neuk of Fife, opposite an old airfield, the site is in a stunning location overlooking the North Sea. This site can only be described as a CQB site, which makes it quite unique w...

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New Kid on the Shotgun block!

April 27, 2014

I think we’ve all been guilty of owning a shotgun, and leaving it in the gun bag as a back-up to your AEG.

So what are the drawbacks of the shotgun compared to the AEG?

Weight of firepower, usually due to the need to cock the action is usually the biggest one, and with a 300+ fps shotty, you need big biceps! Depending on the type of shot gun, loading can be a pain in the arse as well.

Most shotguns are long as well, to allow the cocking action, which counteracts the ideal spread shot fo...

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WE M4A1 Black Edition

March 23, 2014
Charlie Sheldon recently purchased the WE M4A1 Black Edition from JD Airsoft, and I've had the pleasure to review the weapon over the last 48 hours.

The standard package is only £190, which puts this well made M4 against budget makes such as JG and Cyma. This actual M4 has had further items added (RIS and Stock) which took the price up to £280. The stock weapon arrives at 300 fps, but this one has had a spring upgrade so is sitting just below 350 fps.

It comes standard with a 300 round hi-cap...
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Solid in its old age!

March 19, 2014
Reviews are usually about new releases, but I thought I'd bend the rules on this one.

My first ever brand new AEG was the ICS CXP with the plastic body. Purchased in 2010, it was a perfect CQB weapon with the split gearbox, which allows servicing and spring changes at record speed, in fact I still don't know why it didn't take off as it should have. In the first year it got hammered with a box mag on, with just a new piston being fitted after ripping the teeth off during a hefty sustained burs...
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A round peg in a round hole

March 15, 2014
We've been busy recently with the media, both intentionally and unintentionally!

A common question from magazines is 'how does your probationer system work'?

Well its not a system set in stone, however the basic principals of the system is to ensure when a new player is offered membership, its their honesty, their integrity, and their personality that matches what the team is looking for.

If it is an existing player turning up with skirmish experience, then the main aim is for them to play along...
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Famously Unlucky

March 15, 2014

Hello everyone, so first the blog post got shared all over the place and the video from the day is now doing the same. It has been posted on Reddit, a site I have viewed a lot but never actually joined until now. I figured people might have questions so I will try and answer any you might have about what happened. Just as confirmation that it is me, the Reddit account I’m using is “Vanguard212”


Also standby for a full update blog coming in the next few days.


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Bang for less bucks

March 13, 2014
As part of Shadow Stalkers sponsorship deal with JD Airsoft, we have borrowed a number of TRMR grenades, and have utilised them at Urban 6 and at Skirmish Mansfield. A number of us were initially sceptical of the use of BFG's, especially with the drills of retrieving them!
The TRMR is the same size as a 40mm grenade so they fit in existing pouches, which is a bonus with existing rigs. They are extremely well made, and come in two parts, the lower section which houses the charge, and the upper ...
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Junior mentoring takes off!

March 10, 2014
Under his new role as SSAS P.U.B.E. (Probationer Underage Briefing Executive), Will Price organised a newbie camp at our training grounds in Nottingham.
Joking aside, the Junior Mentor role is an important one, and the main way of bringing the youngsters through the team to ensure they understand their role within a tight knit framework. 
Will brought on support from Sam and Alex to ensure there was enough demonstrators for part of the teaching, and a member of committee was present at all time...
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For Better or for worse?

March 10, 2014

First and Only ran a very good article last week on whether Politicians or Bad Sportmanship is the biggest danger to our beloved sport, and it did make you wonder.
As a team we have seen it twice at our local sites over the last couple of months, where visiting teams from outside the area do not play ball on honesty, and more importantly are frankly abusive to other players.
Last weekend was stressful with the injury to Alex, however the day was already marred by a group of players dressed up a...
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Editor: Jason Price

Shadow Stalkers Chairman

11 years in the regular Army Air Corps, followed by 6 years as an Officer in the Royal Air Force Reserves.

Now working as a Secondary School Science Teacher.

Started importing airsoft guns pre-UKARA to be used for Cadet training purposes, and the hobby followed from there!

Formed Shadow Stalkers as a Cadet Training Team, to give those wanting to join the Armed Forces, a taster of what was expected. This gave the cadets a major advantage, and out of the 60 cadets who attended the course, there was a 100% success rate in those who went to serve in the Queens uniform.

After leaving the R.A.F.R., Shadow Stalkers was rebooted as an Airsoft Team, following the same ethos of the original team, in training to succeed.

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