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So me, Greg Alexander and Garry McColl headed to Corvus Airsoft in Edinburgh yesterday. First time since Copehill that all of Haggis Platoon (bar our new member Chris, who is down south for the summer) got out to shoot together. Weather held out right until the last 5 mins of the final game. The site is good in terms of the features, and the games are generally interesting enough, some fun was had with a "capture a UN team" game, with the boys from Land Warrior acting up when they were caught which was fun. At lunch a pistol competition was held, £1 entry, winner takes the pot. Each entrant had their own target, which was set up a good 20 m away (everyone saw the target and went "no way can we hit that". The idea being to hit the target as many times as you could in 5 secs. Basically out of the 12 entrants, nobody hit the target at all, except me, who hit it twice! So I was £12 richer by the end lol. Will edit a small video together of the SSAS boys shooting. Proper write up for the website will be done later on.

Gav Turner