We've been busy recently with the media, both intentionally and unintentionally!

A common question from magazines is 'how does your probationer system work'?

Well its not a system set in stone, however the basic principals of the system is to ensure when a new player is offered membership, its their honesty, their integrity, and their personality that matches what the team is looking for.

If it is an existing player turning up with skirmish experience, then the main aim is for them to play alongside committee members at least three times. This is to see how they interact with other team members, and hold up the 'honesty' of the sport in its hit taking. We value input from site members we know personally, such as Site owners and Site marshals. In fact this has been a factor in offering (or declining) membership in the past, a trusted external view is always welcome from those people who understand our ethos.

For those who are new to the sport, on top of the above, is the mentoring and the training packages. It is also about either bringing them out of their shells, or tempering unbridled enthusiasm. The teams facebook page is great for this role, and we have refused membership on how people have reacted on the forum. We have a military style sense of humour, so being able to take criticism and sarcasm is a major step to integration. Being respectful to those who work their socks off behind the scenes for the team is also important, sometimes the cogs move more slowly than members would hope for, yet there's usually a big reason for it!

Refusal may not be because of incompatibility, it maybe the lack of time put into the hobby, however, we usually extend the probation period in these circumstances. 

At the end of the day, the majority of probationers do get excepted, the probationary period gives them time to adjust and find their feet with a tight nit, though strange bunch of airsoft nuts!