Location: Airsoft Elite Glasgow (Dechmont Range Cambuslang)

Teams: Blue (USA) vs Red (North Korea)

VIP's: Barrack O'bama (Blue team), Kim Jong Un (Red)


Operation Red Dawn commences 9am on Saturday 8th of May 2013. Game objectives score more points than the other team by completing objectives, stealing intel (blue bottles and flags) capturing the VIP taking him back to base and holding the VIP for 10minutes.


Game begins from FOB, list of various objectives and times for ops left in base. Objective one retrieve the flag from the highest point of the site (a bloody mahoosive hill) myself and Ryan volunteer to dump our gear run light with a pistol and AR between us along with Brian, David and Ross on flank support. Brian, Ross and David hold the 5 advancing Red team places from reaching myself and Ryan who obtained the flag and a bottle, got them back to the FOB 60points secured (for the moment).


Next was find the laptop obtain the code and set the bomb and ensure it goes off, while we obtained the flag Reds secured the bomb and set up defences in the jail, White house and behind cover dotted around the area. Blue team weren't pushing up to much trying to fight at a bit of range head on, myself and Ryan took bit more side on approach Myself going far right to take a one on one fight. Using a hill as bit of cover got far enough round I move out of line of site and pop my target low on the back push up to his spot then push back to the left to take out the Reds in the jail, two move out into the door way full auto on them two down one to go, as its close in the jail drop the M4 pull out the pistol, quick check I'm clear and start to head to the door...no such luck someone with patience of a saint watched and waited for me until I was completely out of cover,  head to toe sprays me down. Blues start to rush in jails cleared and the sod who got me is taking a walk back after his bleed out, my medic has already got me back in, onwards to the bomb. Pushing up with Alan AKA Obama covering behind a trailer Obama takes a shot open mouth to the back of the throat (ouch). Blues push up, over run the area takes the White house and clears out the last two covering the bomb, defuses bomb job done! Whilst we took the Reds out the re-spawning reds ransacked our base and stole the flags and bottles we'd already accumulated back down to 10points!


Various fire fights through the day finding various intel, trying to push into the Red base with no luck, Re-spawn for reds gave them advantage over blues when we attacked, we'd take out a number of them then on re-spawn they'd made their way to the flag next to their base and when we got close they could be straight back in, whilst our spawn was passed our FOB making it easier for them to push up.


Well earned break at 6pm for dinner and allow the cadets run their manoeuvres for a few hours. BBQ was cracking then some games: Sniper rifle target range, pistol targets, and the pistol duel. Didn't have a rifle so didn't participate in that. Pistol targets one in the head one in the body for 6 targets 100% accuracy 9 seconds not to bad but the winner 4.6 seconds (although it ended up changing to not requiring to hit the centre spots of the head or body so I'm sure I could do faster lol ) Pistol duel, Nik aka Kim Jong Un took the lead with 4 duels won...until he met me back to back, marshal counts to 10 paces at each step turn and shoot, first one, drop to a knee and popped Nik centre mass...2nd one stood and James (pistol target winner) dropped to a knee he took one to the stones, 3rd duel against ross turning first shot straight to the goggles (lucky shot) 2 more duels followed winning 5 in total , duel 6 Alan aka Obama instructs David (a 14 year old, n a marshals son) to just turn and target me while I pace and once 10 is shouted the wee shite unloads 4 into me 3 in the shoulder/chest 1 in the ribs lol. Pistol Duel winner gaining "AEG MOST FEARED"


Night game commence! Throughout the day we won objectives which lead us to being able to utilise the suicide bomber, Osama Bin Laden with working mark 5 rigged to hand held triggers, Objective escort Osama to the jail to blow the wall open, extract the prisoner (whos armed), remove all his weapons, escort to another bomb and trigger it and ensure it isn't de-activated. My god did my torch blind people. Heard movement down the left flank lit a 5 man mortar team up like it was Christmas, they dropped to the ground and moved back in the thick grass then started trying to fire mortars and longer range firing...no such luck. Ross and Brian move up the line while I blind them every so often once in range Ross takes out the lot with his gas powered rifle. Objective complete! Next stage time to assault the red base, get some of our points back, 4 man team: Me, Alan aka Obama, Cammy and a random. I take point...bloody pressure pad stops working on torch relying on tracer only now, random wee guy comes up next to me red player jumps round takes out the guy and I slot him medic him back in Alan and Cammy take the ridge and cover over, popping the corner (thanks for that technique at cope Shep) spot someone move and full auto his ass! Two players in red shouting "Medic" so try to take the red FOB quick I get slotted at the door and medic back in (any player medic for night game). Alan throws frag in the FOB but hard cover stopped us get kills. waiting for a minute or two just off the side of the door 5 Reds come round the corner to the FOB not realising we are Blues they started talking away discussing what they are planning on doing.


 Both myself and my other team mate are surrounded, I have directly in front of me, one at my back my team mate to the right he has one on his right and then one behind the man in front of me, we also have Alan laying on the hill aiming down ready to fire.  I casually reach behind me slide my knife out and say "just to check boys Red or Blue" answer "RED" instantly stick the knife to the throat of the man in front turn round and knife the man behind me, Alan opens up from the hill guy next to me gets knife killed, I back up lift my M4 shoot the last man who's gun thankfully jams while trying to shoot me. The Marshall in the background gutting himself saying he backed way off knowing something was going to kick off!.


Now Nik aka Kim Jong Un pops out the FOB shoots Alan I shoot Nik then the last man in the FOB who comes out to save Nik, I medic my team mate back in tell him to take Nik and run as we want to capture their VIP, then ran round and medic Alan so we can steal as much as we can from the Red FOB. Leaving the Red FOB Alan had the most valuable intel for points so he legged it to our FOB whilst he was taking fire I came round the side and took the gunner out and took a hit myself at the same time but still a success: the enemy VIP secured for the 4th time, the most valuable intel flags captured which placed us back in the lead! Once Intel secured at the base for the last hour we secured the intel in base while some reds attacked to retrieve the intel the rest secured an objective by finding the weapons grade plutonium. 1am games finished time for me to pack up and have a laugh about the battles!


All in all a cracking day of airsoft for a good cause!