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Sennybridge Cancelled

Posted by Jason Price on Thursday, February 27, 2014, In : Airsoft Politics 
Gutted isn't the word, Landmark (the Ministry of Defence Land Agency) has cancelled Sennybridge, and BRIT TAC must be pulling their hair out.

Cope Hill was cancelled and moved to May due to being double booked, then it was cancelled  and moved to Sennybridge due to Cope Hill refurbishment. Now due to 'operational needs' it has been cancelled completely.
Companies such as Stirling and BRIT TAC must be sick to the teeth! Yes the MOD sites are brilliant due to the nature of the sites, however the ...

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Urban 6 CQB Training

Posted by Jason Price on Tuesday, February 25, 2014, In : Game Day Reports 

Close with a capital “C”

   Urban 6 “The Block” this was the location for the first of the Shadow Stalkers Close Quarter Battle (CQB) training days planned before the Brit-Tac weekender in May. The Block is Close with a capital “C” It was a day of firsts, number one I had never been to a training day, number two I had never met Bristol Recon who had travelled up to join us and number three I have never had to play Airsoft at such short range. When the action got going 6 meters wa...

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Editor: Jason Price

Shadow Stalkers Chairman

11 years in the regular Army Air Corps, followed by 6 years as an Officer in the Royal Air Force Reserves.

Now working as a Secondary School Science Teacher.

Started importing airsoft guns pre-UKARA to be used for Cadet training purposes, and the hobby followed from there!

Formed Shadow Stalkers as a Cadet Training Team, to give those wanting to join the Armed Forces, a taster of what was expected. This gave the cadets a major advantage, and out of the 60 cadets who attended the course, there was a 100% success rate in those who went to serve in the Queens uniform.

After leaving the R.A.F.R., Shadow Stalkers was rebooted as an Airsoft Team, following the same ethos of the original team, in training to succeed.

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