Hi All, this is my review of The Block-Urban 6 Airsoft Ltd(U6A)....More in-Depth Details are on their Web Page.

So here my experience...I decided my choice of weapon would be my try'd and trusted Thompson M1A1 single fire.And Full Riot Kit,Black clothing,thigh and arm protectors.Riot helmet just in-case.

So game on....This is an in-door site,so plenty of stairs to climb,rooms to clear-on each floor!,Attics to check, and wardrobes in certain rooms.Attacking is mere impossible as there is truly no-where to hide...Heart pumping our Team grabbed riot shield's and Advanced into no-mans land...Echoes of Weapons being fired,Screams of Hits!...Marshalls shouting Encouragement to go for it!....We were truly in the Darkness of The Block......There is themed rooms,one being the science lab....Bodies on slabs and room full of thick smoke....just to add to confusion........Silence!!!!!

Can honestly say U6A really packed a punch and Mark who is ex-forces,puts on a show to remember....Their Elite Team is The Projects....who only come out to play on Special occasions....Great Atmosphere and you are made to feel very welcome by all.
Negative points......Game players panicking and firing in your Face.Strobe torches!.Certain players with to much kit and not taking Hits.Marshalls allowing Peoples adrenaline to get out of control.
Positive points.....Good fun and exercise...plenty of opportunity to think with your Brain and hide in Wardrobes,cupboards.Lay on Slabs..I got my first silent Kills at U6A twice!.

This site has Great potential as a Training Private Game for CQB....Granted its a new site,though i have high hopes for the future as the Team at U6A are doing all they can to encourage Airsoft in Burton-on-Trent.
I would give this site an 8/10...

Thank You

Mark Connelly.