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The Stan returns!

Posted by Jason Price on Sunday, November 30, 2014, In : Game Day Reports 

David Miller:

Well, its run by skirmish, so you know the quality of marshaling! They made no apologies for the wip state of the site, barricades are incomplete and only a third of the site is open at the moment - probably a slightly smaller area than the whole of the block.

The teams were equal in size, but not in testicular fortitude - ie, we won every game. Morning games got caught up in three stairwells, with tempers getting a bit heated at times. Hit taking was generally excellent (more on ...

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Fife Wargames

Posted by Jason Price on Sunday, November 30, 2014, In : Game Day Reports 

Site: Fife Wargames, Crail, Fife, Scotland

Date: 23rd Nov 2014

Players: Gavin Turner and Garry McColl

Green Fee: £20 walk-on, hire available

Review: Having recently made the move across Scotland back to my home county of Fife I was keen to try out this site I have been aware of for some time. Located in the East Neuk of Fife, opposite an old airfield, the site is in a stunning location overlooking the North Sea. This site can only be described as a CQB site, which makes it quite unique w...

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Junior mentoring takes off!

Posted by Jason Price on Monday, March 10, 2014, In : Game Day Reports 
Under his new role as SSAS P.U.B.E. (Probationer Underage Briefing Executive), Will Price organised a newbie camp at our training grounds in Nottingham.
Joking aside, the Junior Mentor role is an important one, and the main way of bringing the youngsters through the team to ensure they understand their role within a tight knit framework. 
Will brought on support from Sam and Alex to ensure there was enough demonstrators for part of the teaching, and a member of committee was present at all time...
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MAN DOWN! - Skirmish Mansfield

Posted by Jason Price on Thursday, March 6, 2014, In : Game Day Reports 

Man Down at Skirmish Mansfield

  The Shadow Stalkers deployed in good numbers and good spirits to the game day on the 2nd March at Skirmish Mansfield. While the day started as many days of airsofting do, it will be one that the team and certainly myself are unlikely to ever forget.

   Skirmish Mansfield is a well regarded site within the team, we enjoy its varying game zones, its polite and friendly marshals and its great safe zone that means, even in the rain the site can still be enjoyab...

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Urban 6 CQB Training

Posted by Jason Price on Tuesday, February 25, 2014, In : Game Day Reports 

Close with a capital “C”

   Urban 6 “The Block” this was the location for the first of the Shadow Stalkers Close Quarter Battle (CQB) training days planned before the Brit-Tac weekender in May. The Block is Close with a capital “C” It was a day of firsts, number one I had never been to a training day, number two I had never met Bristol Recon who had travelled up to join us and number three I have never had to play Airsoft at such short range. When the action got going 6 meters wa...

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New Year full of resolutions

Posted by Jason Price on Monday, January 27, 2014, In : Game Day Reports 
Well 2014 hit us with a bang, we established sponsorship from JD airsoft, which means we have a brilliant partner in raising community awareness of Airsoft in general. It also allows the team to participate in more events, which is a great thing.

We deployed again to Skirmish Mansfield, being part of a whitewash against the opposing team. It's not often that happens, especially when the sides are evenly balanced, but it turned out a little ridiculous in the end. It was good experience for the ...

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Airsoft Elite Glasgow's Operation 'Red Dawn'

Posted by Jason Price on Tuesday, June 11, 2013, In : Game Day Reports 

Location: Airsoft Elite Glasgow (Dechmont Range Cambuslang)

Teams: Blue (USA) vs Red (North Korea)

VIP's: Barrack O'bama (Blue team), Kim Jong Un (Red)


Operation Red Dawn commences 9am on Saturday 8th of May 2013. Game objectives score more points than the other team by completing objectives, stealing intel (blue bottles and flags) capturing the VIP taking him back to base and holding the VIP for 10minutes.


Game begins from FOB, list of various objectives and times for ops left in b...

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Op Ocean Fury, Cope Hill Down, Salisbury Plain

Posted by Jason Price on Thursday, May 2, 2013, In : Game Day Reports 
Well, the team has been back a month since Op 'Ocean Fury', and what a blast!
A weekend of high adrenalin, pyrotechnic madness, in freezing conditions.
We rocked up on the friday night, grabbing the downstairs rooms in the Forward Operating base (FOB).
Just to put you in the picture, sub zero temperatures, in a building with no heating, insulation and plastic windows, we were sleeping in a freezer. After the guys had got 'cozy', I chased the heads of the other Amisom units for a quick debrief.

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Editor: Jason Price

Shadow Stalkers Chairman

11 years in the regular Army Air Corps, followed by 6 years as an Officer in the Royal Air Force Reserves.

Now working as a Secondary School Science Teacher.

Started importing airsoft guns pre-UKARA to be used for Cadet training purposes, and the hobby followed from there!

Formed Shadow Stalkers as a Cadet Training Team, to give those wanting to join the Armed Forces, a taster of what was expected. This gave the cadets a major advantage, and out of the 60 cadets who attended the course, there was a 100% success rate in those who went to serve in the Queens uniform.

After leaving the R.A.F.R., Shadow Stalkers was rebooted as an Airsoft Team, following the same ethos of the original team, in training to succeed.

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