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Irish Sites by Simon Jameson

Posted by Jason Price on Sunday, July 7, 2013, In : Site Reviews 

  • Here are my reviews from the best sites i been to, believe it or not lot of the sites i personally wouldn't attempt due to harsh terrain so iv only been to a few places due to my wheelchair access.

    My top recommendation would be paul mulhollands place the compound, with its scale, good few stone buildings some with even three floors, great little urban experience, best you will get in ireland. APC an lorry for transport and attacks in game does really add to the experience, good few game types...

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Gotham Training Day

Posted by Jason Price on Sunday, July 7, 2013, In : Site Reviews 
Shadow Stalkers possess a private facility near Nottingham, which is free of charge as long as we maintain it for owners and look after the habitat for the wildlife.

This was a full Saturday and Sunday, with two purposes, move the central campsite to a new location on the boundary of the site to allow more use of the central position, and train in 'fire and Manouvre'. We also taught camouflage and concealment, which as you will see, made a huge difference!

The first task on arriving was to clea...

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Modern Airsoft Warfare (MAW)

Posted by Jason Price on Thursday, May 16, 2013, In : Site Reviews 

MAW (Modern Airsoft Warfare) is my regular Airsoft site and I have loved to go there ever since. The games that the awesome marshals put on are absolutely brilliant. Some of them are defensive some are assault specified and some are for those guys who are just out there to wreak havoc  and cause the other team problems by putting them under pressure. The environment at MAW is suited to all infantry types’ weather you are a marksman and like to take players out from a long distance or the gu...

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Land Warrior Airsoft (Airsoft Edinburgh)

Posted by Jason Price on Friday, May 3, 2013, In : Site Reviews 
Sunday, 2nd September 2012 saw Garry, Greg and me heading to Land Warrior Airsoft’s skirmish site, situated in pine woodland on the outskirts of Edinburgh. All three of us were excited to game here, having heard many good things about the site, none more so than the fact they have two, yes two, working FV432 APCs! Upon arrival we paid our green fee (£20 with your own kit), were allocated our team and then got kitted up. The safe zone isn’t huge, and isn’t covered, but most people seeme...
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Block-Urban 6

Posted by Jason Price on Friday, May 3, 2013, In : Site Reviews 
Hi All, this is my review of The Block-Urban 6 Airsoft Ltd(U6A)....More in-Depth Details are on their Web Page.

So here my experience...I decided my choice of weapon would be my try'd and trusted Thompson M1A1 single fire.And Full Riot Kit,Black clothing,thigh and arm protectors.Riot helmet just in-case.

So game on....This is an in-door site,so plenty of stairs to climb,rooms to clear-on each floor!,Attics to check, and wardrobes in certain rooms.Attacking is mere impossible as there is truly n...

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Editor: Jason Price

Shadow Stalkers Chairman

11 years in the regular Army Air Corps, followed by 6 years as an Officer in the Royal Air Force Reserves.

Now working as a Secondary School Science Teacher.

Started importing airsoft guns pre-UKARA to be used for Cadet training purposes, and the hobby followed from there!

Formed Shadow Stalkers as a Cadet Training Team, to give those wanting to join the Armed Forces, a taster of what was expected. This gave the cadets a major advantage, and out of the 60 cadets who attended the course, there was a 100% success rate in those who went to serve in the Queens uniform.

After leaving the R.A.F.R., Shadow Stalkers was rebooted as an Airsoft Team, following the same ethos of the original team, in training to succeed.

 Click on the SSAS badge for Shadow Stalkers Youtube channel.

Credits to videos:

Daniel Shepherd

Arron Stafford