Site: Fife Wargames, Crail, Fife, Scotland

Date: 23rd Nov 2014

Players: Gavin Turner and Garry McColl

Green Fee: £20 walk-on, hire available

Review: Having recently made the move across Scotland back to my home county of Fife I was keen to try out this site I have been aware of for some time. Located in the East Neuk of Fife, opposite an old airfield, the site is in a stunning location overlooking the North Sea. This site can only be described as a CQB site, which makes it quite unique within Scotland, there being only two popular ones, First and Onlys “The Depot” in Glasgow, and the new “Fortress” in Fife, run by Airsoft World. Fife Wargames however is an outdoor CQB site. This works due to the fact the main gaming area is located in and around the old, single storey airfield buildings. In recent years these have been used as a farm, so the buildings are split into animal pens etc., but this just serves to add lots of neat hiding places! This also makes them tricky to clear, needing some dedication and speed to clear them out.

                The marshals were all very welcoming, friendly and helped make the day run nice and smoothly. It is a small site however, with only 23 players there on the day we played. But due to the small size of the game areas this was not noticed and in fact was a nice change to playing a large site with large numbers of players, as this can slow down game turnaround etc. Games played varied nicely, and attack/defend games were turned around to give each team a go.

                Very impressed with the way the site was run, the games, the site itself and the marshals and players were all very welcoming, with no trouble at all. We will be playing here again.