My good friend Brenn Stafford got into Airsoft a little while back and since then my interest in giving it a go became stronger, before I knew it, it had gone from “that could be fun” to “I need to get back from university to try this” My first ever Airsoft game was on the 8th May 2013 but it was a double first, not only my first game but also I would be shooting alongside the Shadow Stalkers, Brenn had put the word in for me and suddenly I was on my probation period for the team.

   So my first game was with what looked like a really professional team and I only knew just about enough to know which way to point the gun. Nervous was a good way of describing how I felt, I had seen the videos of the team at Copehill Down and MAW and they looked good and very serious. I wondered how they would act to a total new person and what would happen if I wasn’t very good or let the team down.

   As it turned out there was nothing to worry about, the team was great, I never felt out of place, everyone was friendly and welcoming and despite only having a site rental gun I felt like I could get stuck in with the team. The day was fantastic had some great moments with the guys in both attack and defence. The team worked very well together, with each person knowing what to do and when, but despite my total lack of experience, they guided me where I needed guiding and never felt like was being left behind or excluded.

The great attitude extended beyond the game field, back in the safe zone team members came over to talk offered some great advice on what kind of stuff to buy if I was interested and even let my try out some of their kit.

  So the big question will I be going back for another game? The answer is yes, I have my next game booked and already have full set of Vegetato Woodland camouflage. The team is fantastic, they took what would have been a fun day out and turned it into a completely amazing one and I am looking forward to getting my probation out of the way and becoming a full member. 

Alex Booth