First and Only ran a very good article last week on whether Politicians or Bad Sportmanship is the biggest danger to our beloved sport, and it did make you wonder.
As a team we have seen it twice at our local sites over the last couple of months, where visiting teams from outside the area do not play ball on honesty, and more importantly are frankly abusive to other players.
Last weekend was stressful with the injury to Alex, however the day was already marred by a group of players dressed up as Para's who to be honest were an embarrassment to the sport.
Our first 'eyes on' with them was at Breakfast at MacD's, when they strolled in with full Para insignia. Muzz and myself, being ex-regulars, glanced at each other, and the question was raised, Para's or Walts? Before people jump in on the term Walt, re-enactors do not wear the kit outside the hobby, or throw a civvie jacket over the badges. These guys were showing it off in full glory. Our question was answered when we arrived in the safe zone though.
As the first game commenced, the information was flowing on the radio of a group of players not taking hits. The lads did the right thing and let a marshal know (there are extremely good at Skirmish), and they gave us the nod that they will be watched. Again the second game other members approached me and said the same guys weren't taking the hits, and they got a verbal warning. You'd think that would be the end of it, however in the village game three of us were lighting them up like a Christmas tree, and you could see them flinching and swearing when hit, yet no hits were taken. Luckily the marshal also saw this and sin binned the whole team for one game.
During the lunch, one came over and asked who the ex-squaddies were, and we presumed this was a peace offering, however the next game they avoided us, and verbally abused our player of Asian descent. With all hands on deck with Alex's accident, I let the issues with these Walt's slip, however walking across the car park I found one of our young players cornered by one, having a go about 'snitching' on them. He soon changed his mind when I tapped him on his shoulder.
I've got to give it Skirmish, they were by the book and fair, and even with the accident they were professional to the end, but the whole episode leaves a foul taste in your mouth.
Airsoft is a sport of honesty and integrity, I was pointed out by Arron on the first game my side pouch had been hit (which I didnt feel), so I called it. Richocets can be an issue but if its 50-50 just walk back to the safe zone.

This isn't the first time we've run into a whole team like this one (the last one was at MAW, who banned them from returning), and it probably won't be the last. It is a worry for a sport that relies on pure honesty.