• Here are my reviews from the best sites i been to, believe it or not lot of the sites i personally wouldn't attempt due to harsh terrain so iv only been to a few places due to my wheelchair access.

    My top recommendation would be paul mulhollands place the compound, with its scale, good few stone buildings some with even three floors, great little urban experience, best you will get in ireland. APC an lorry for transport and attacks in game does really add to the experience, good few game types to.

    Location navan.

    Next would be fingal airsoft, this is a pretty popular an unique site, its on like a massive 'v' shaped hill, high dense forestry good few bunkers, lakes with deadly steel bridges, this is a very exciting place real tense action, and the steep hills offer quite a challenge for fighting upwards an downwards, its like the coolest vietnam experience ever ha, good games also *highly recommend*. 
    Location stamullen.