Weather was awful, but spirits wasn't! Skirmish have revamped the safe zone, which means kit, weapons and out of game, players, are all bone dry!
We turned up to find a large contingent of hire gunners (two birthday parties) and visiting Spartan Airsoft, who turned out to be a cracking team.
We turned up with ten players, plus me, who for my sins, was drafted in as a marshal. One of our members,Jethro, was a virgin, and seemed to hold his own well, though by all accounts hes can't move 24 hrs later!
We attached a group of 12 yr old boys (birthday crew), who I wish were a couple of years older, their enthusiasm was amazing, never sat back and threw themselves into the mayhem! Just what we want in new recruits.
One problem however that effected all players (and marshals!), was the saturation on the inside of googles. This came to bite us on the arse, literally! The team was in the castle, and took the ground floor of the castle in record time, yet they got wiped out, three times from an unknown enemy. Being a marshal I went for a wander and found it was our hire gunners, their googles didn't allow any recognition apart from movement, and we shooting their own team! Joys of the weather!