So I have recently got into airsoft and started playing with a team, at first, I must have to admit that I did have some apprehension of playing, as thoughts such as, Are they going to like me?, Are they a bunch of hard core military nuts?, am I a horrifically bad aim?, crept into my mind and created doubt. However when it came to my first match with the team, it honestly surprised me! They were all incredibly welcoming and treated me as if I had been with them for years! If I asked for help they would kindly solve my problem, if I asked for advice they would give me top notch stuff and overall I got on well with them. So I carried on going to matches and playing airsoft with these great bunch of players. Then came my first weekend event, and by god was it good. Storming buildings, huge fire fights and holding up in a building surrounded by pirates waiting for back up! All playing with the same lads that helped me when I started, and as the weekend progressed it just helped me get to know the group and their (somewhat individual) characters, in the end, the weekend was one of the best of my life so far, and I hope that I can carry on to play with these brilliant group of friends for a long time.

Bradley Burns