Under his new role as SSAS P.U.B.E. (Probationer Underage Briefing Executive), Will Price organised a newbie camp at our training grounds in Nottingham.
Joking aside, the Junior Mentor role is an important one, and the main way of bringing the youngsters through the team to ensure they understand their role within a tight knit framework. 
Will brought on support from Sam and Alex to ensure there was enough demonstrators for part of the teaching, and a member of committee was present at all times for health and safety purposes. This brought numbers in total to 14.
The first day kicked off with an inspection of the site due to the hurricane winds the week before, and then setting up camp, especially the waterlogged firepit!
Will's first instruction was for the participants to gear up to ensure their equipment fitted correctly. This was followed by zeroing and then accuracy on the move. The day followed with CQB drills, squad drills and plenty of short fire games to get the andrenaline flowing. After tea it went into the night shoot with tracer flying everywhere!
In the morning I took over from Josh as committee member and was amazed already at the difference in the youngsters. They were quick, aggressive, and working as a team, a great indication that Wills appointment was the right one.
The second day was more long winded and closer contact games with hunter stalker teams making life extremley complicated! It finally reached endex at 16:00 hrs, with camp demolished, and a lot tired youngsters who had come along way in two days!