Sunday, 2nd September 2012 saw Garry, Greg and me heading to Land Warrior Airsoft’s skirmish site, situated in pine woodland on the outskirts of Edinburgh. All three of us were excited to game here, having heard many good things about the site, none more so than the fact they have two, yes two, working FV432 APCs! Upon arrival we paid our green fee (£20 with your own kit), were allocated our team and then got kitted up. The safe zone isn’t huge, and isn’t covered, but most people seemed to sort their kit at the cars (parking is on the track side by the wood edge, no long walk to the safe zone!). After the usual safety brief it was into the first game, an attack and defend of some small shed-like buildings in the wood. The games were this format for the morning, although the games moved through the site steadily. There is a range of areas, each with its own unique avenues of attack etc. The afternoon saw the big toys come out to play! A convoy ambush game with two teams in the APCs, while the Opfor try to throw pyro into the open tops to disable the vehicles – a high intensity game! Further afternoon games included a downed pilot rescue game. All in all a thoroughly enjoyable day out. People were friendly and as first timers to the site we weren’t felt left out at any point. Here are a few snaps from the day, and a video made by Dru at Fife Kommando TV of the downed pilot game, featuring myself!