MAW (Modern Airsoft Warfare) is my regular Airsoft site and I have loved to go there ever since. The games that the awesome marshals put on are absolutely brilliant. Some of them are defensive some are assault specified and some are for those guys who are just out there to wreak havoc  and cause the other team problems by putting them under pressure. The environment at MAW is suited to all infantry types’ weather you are a marksman and like to take players out from a long distance or the guy that has balls of steel and likes to go charging with just a pistol and scare the living daylights out of the other team.  At MAW the marshals love players that play hard for the objective and just don’t stop. They also love the people who are willing to risk themselves getting hit to make the other team progress in the game. They award prizes for the people who are brave in battle and are also willing to help other people with any problems they have during the day. For e.g. I have won one for sheer determination to get my team to win the games and never give up the fight against the other team.

Prentice Thornton