Gutted isn't the word, Landmark (the Ministry of Defence Land Agency) has cancelled Sennybridge, and BRIT TAC must be pulling their hair out.

Cope Hill was cancelled and moved to May due to being double booked, then it was cancelled  and moved to Sennybridge due to Cope Hill refurbishment. Now due to 'operational needs' it has been cancelled completely.
Companies such as Stirling and BRIT TAC must be sick to the teeth! Yes the MOD sites are brilliant due to the nature of the sites, however the uncertainty in today's present climate is putting a lot of airsofters off from booking these sites.

What other options are there though? There are some big privately owned sites such as 'Sandpit', however there is nothing CQB wise to take over 500 personnel for a full milsim weekend. With massive regeneration in places such as Moss side and Liverpool, there's massive council estates fully boarded up. Perhaps this is the answer? The Public viewpoint would possibly quite negative though. What we need is privately owned CQB sites that have a similar volume to Cope Hill, the likes of the Block in Burton are brilliant, but has a low capacity. 

Lets hope in the future, someone takes the bull by the horns and buys up an  industrial brown site that for some reason cannot be regenerated.

Jase Price