Reviews are usually about new releases, but I thought I'd bend the rules on this one.

My first ever brand new AEG was the ICS CXP with the plastic body. Purchased in 2010, it was a perfect CQB weapon with the split gearbox, which allows servicing and spring changes at record speed, in fact I still don't know why it didn't take off as it should have. In the first year it got hammered with a box mag on, with just a new piston being fitted after ripping the teeth off during a hefty sustained burst!
After this, I grew up a bit, and moved to midcaps, meaning less strain on the internals. An annual service is all its had over the years, and recently I've handed it over to my 12 yr old daughter as her first gun.

Hows it holding up? Still firing at 330fps, with a sound hog its loud as hell, which as a father I know where Emily is at any given time! The fire rate is nifty as well after rewiring it for Deans, and it feeds flawlessly from any type of mag.
The plastic body has some hairline cracks emanating from the pin mountings, however its been like that for two years with no major effects. The unique stock is one of the comfiest CQB stocks around and with a front handgrip, its quite ergonomic.

Emily loves it, and recognises the psychological effect of its fire rate and noise, with a pretty decent range. If anyone wants a new AEG within a tight budget, the ICS CXP is an excellent choice, and will give you years of fun!