It is a little weird how when we hit the school holidays, it becomes so difficult to organise a team get together. However it didn't mean there was a lack of shooting, just a little disjointed and spread out. Squads of SSAS members visited Skirmish and MAW on numerous occasions, with Dan Sneath representing us at the National Airsoft Event, and by all accounts, its a vast improvement on the previous years.

We've also seen the economic crisis hit the team, with four of us now pounding the streets, and two having to sell beloved rifles, lets just hope thats the end of the problems and the sport doesn't suffer.

Welcome to new members, some newbies and some seasoned, new blood is always the way to move forward to freshen up the ranks.

Col Maddams started a trend of seeing where we can get the SSAS logo seen! Theres been a some interesting photos, usually members wearing them on holiday locations, I'm just dreading what Ben comes up with.

Muzz is starting to recruit SSAS team members for both October at Copehill, and more importantly, Easter next year, also at Copehill, so keep an eye out for his subtle Whatsapp posts!