David Miller:

Well, its run by skirmish, so you know the quality of marshaling! They made no apologies for the wip state of the site, barricades are incomplete and only a third of the site is open at the moment - probably a slightly smaller area than the whole of the block.

The teams were equal in size, but not in testicular fortitude - ie, we won every game. Morning games got caught up in three stairwells, with tempers getting a bit heated at times. Hit taking was generally excellent (more on that in a minute).

In the afternoon the rule was introduced that there was to be no fighting within 15 metres of a stairwell - this sped the game up (somewhat artificially, but it made it fun again which is what it's all about) - and meant we had to fight hard for things again.

This is a seriously fun site. It's brutal though. I shot a girl in the neck from six inches, then ten minutes later shot her in the face on another stairwell at less than a metre range. Both times I killed her mates too.

One time I popped a corner, told a guy to surrender and four of his mates shot me. Another time, I got three to the temple from 3ft away because a smoke grenade had been set off in - yes, you guessed it - a stairwell.

The only issue I had as far as hit taking went occurred (funnily enough) in a stairwell, and involved me slowly putting five rounds into a guys shoulder at arms length, before tapping him on the arm. He took the next shot as he was looking directly at me when I fired