Charlie Sheldon recently purchased the WE M4A1 Black Edition from JD Airsoft, and I've had the pleasure to review the weapon over the last 48 hours.

The standard package is only £190, which puts this well made M4 against budget makes such as JG and Cyma. This actual M4 has had further items added (RIS and Stock) which took the price up to £280. The stock weapon arrives at 300 fps, but this one has had a spring upgrade so is sitting just below 350 fps.

It comes standard with a 300 round hi-cap and a carry handle style rear sight. There is a slight wobble between the upper and lower receiver, but I've seen similar wobble on more expensive weapons. The receiver has no etchings, which to honest I prefer to see if trade marks are not covered copyright laws.

One thing that stands out with this weapon is it is perfectly balanced at the magwell, meaning its ideal for manoeuvring with the rifle staying on target. The barrel is a two piece, which means if you have a spare barrel, it takes five minutes to swap from full length to CQB, the only drawback being the bayonet lug stops a silencer/tracer unit from being screwed on in its short version.

Internally the gearbox seems to be more towards G&P quality than the budget range, showing you get a lot of gun for the low price. The hop unit is a standard plastic type, which is simple to use, and little deviation was seen.

The body is TM compatible, which is shown by how well the DD free floating rail fits perfectly, with zero movement. So any after market parts should be easily sort and fitted.

As either a starter gun, or a base weapon for upgrades, the WE M4A1 is well made, good quality and shoots straight, for under £200, its remarkably good value!