Marksman Weapons

Sometimes due to open ground, or just a clear line of sight, a RIF with a better range than the standard assault weapon can pin down the opposing force. This is where Shadow Stalkers use their marksmen.

The marksmen may carry the airsoft copy of a sniper rifle, or an uprated version of an assault rifle. Either is capable of doing the role intended, however, spring operated 'sniper' rifles are allowed more power (up to 500fps), so even though they have a slower rate of fire, they have a slightly longer range.

We do not use the term 'Sniper' for those that carry these rifles, for a very good reason. Snipers have a qualification, calling an airsoft player a 'Sniper' because he carries a sniper rifle, is like calling someone wearing a maroon beret a 'Para'. It is an insult to those who have qualified to use the name. 

The advantages of designated marksmen are especially useful for flank protection, and covering bottlenecks. The marksmen themselves, are vulnerable though at short ranges due to the length of their weapons, so we always deploy them in pairs, or with a spotter who carries a assault/cqb weapon. The Pistol is an important weapon to the marksman, when entering buildings, the rifle will be slung, so the pistol is his/hers only means of defence.

The main drawback of those who own marksman weapons is the cost. They are finely tuned and need costly upgrades to be able to carry out the job they are intended for.

Above: Connor giving covering fire with a bolt action 'sniper' rifle

Above: Jason Price operates an M4 based DMR, built on the solid gearbox of the G & P rifle.

Left: Arron and Brenn during a Xmas shoot, showing how long range support can be effective on the flanks. Brenn using a bolt action 'sniper' rifle, whereas Arron using a custom built gas operated rifle.