What makes the Team Tick!

Training Day for BritTacs MOD CopeHill Down Airsoft Event. This training day was organised at MAW for the Shadow Stalkers.


Colin Maddams, Stalker IC, instructs new recruits on advance to contact (those in British DPM).

Having the necessary  skills to take part in airsoft is only half the story, it is drilling into them the right attitude concerning both the Team and the sport.

At the end of each training session, we remind the team members its about fun by playing out a couple of game scenarios. Its also a chance for the instructors to  observe if the lessons that have been taught have sunk in!

Location is Modern Airsoft Warfare (MAW) near Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire.

The beauty about Airsoft is it attracts all walks of life. The team at the present consists of Paramedics, Teachers, Military and Ex-Military, Cadets and Students. Whether its the military aspect of the hobby, the perfect way of keeping fit, or the stress relief from everyday life, Airsoft covers all needs.

50% of the members are or have been linked to the military/cadet forces, and this comes across in the approach of the team. No military style hair cuts, or discipline when on downtime, but when the weapons are locked and loaded, its all about teamwork, commitment and having a damn good time.
Our team comes from all over English Midlands and Scotland, with Leicestershire as the main hub of activity.
We have no specific weapon requirement for the team, we allow anything that takes your fancy! 
We do have a uniform, but this is only for team deployment, and this is Italian temperate Vegetato with prefered Coyote rigs. 
For Urban/Desert the uniform for team deployment is Coyote Tan trousers, with SSAS hoodie/polo shirt.
Most of the time, however, its personal preference, from British DPM to Desert Tri-colour. 
AEG limit is 350fps to ensure usage at our used sites, with 500 fps for Spring loaded snipers.

Being a large team, we have an image to uphold, especially within a sport that only runs like clockwork when players are honest.
New recruits must pass through a probation period, where three observed shoots are undertaken by the training team (over a maximum of six months),  before being issued their Membership card. This ensures the recruit is of the right character not only for the team, but the sport overall. If an existing player steps over the line of 'acceptable behaviour', they can find themselves back on a probational period.

The team is run by a 'Team Council', with members being voted on by the membership.

A big part of the team building experience is the frequent training packages we lay on at our training site at Gotham, Nottingham, or at a privately booked venue. Our Training Wing, consists of both serving and ex-military members, some of whom now work in the private military sector.

Above: The majority of the team council during a CQB training day 

Order of Battle:

 Shadow Stalkers is split into Sections for ease of control and deployment.

Shadow Section:

IC - Jason Price

Recruits within the National Forest area of the Midlands

Stalker Section:

IC - Colin Maddams

Recruits from both Central and Eastern Leicestershire

Hellhound Section:

IC - Gav Turner

Recruits from the Scottish Lowlands and Northern England 

Reaper Section:

IC - Arron Stafford

Recruits from Ashby-de-la-Zouch to the South Derbyshire Area

Nemesis Section:

IC - 

SSAS Training Section/ Support Section