Woodland Action

The majority of Airsoft Sites Shadow Stalkers team members visit are either woodland, or have a woodland element to it.

As discussed before, unless on deployment there is no pressure on members to wear Vegetato, however the majority still do. It does give variation on skirmish days, with a multitude of camouflages to be seen.

Shadow Stalkers actively encourage team members to be on opposing sides, so there is genuine feedback at the end of the day on their strengths and weaknesses.

Left: Vegetato blends extremely well within the British environment,  Only the black weapon and skin tone give away the position.

Right: Dave Miller utilises the ly of the land to lay down long range support. The Shadow Stalker badge can clearly be seen. 

 Right: Josh Springthorpe mans a section of trenches at Skirmish Mansfield.

Left: Sam Springthorpe and Dan Sneath patrol along a forest path at MAW. 

Above: Gav Turner and Greg Alexander catch a lift in a FV432 APC at Edinburgh Airsoft. A lot of sites utilise  transport within woodland environments, usually at an additional cost.